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 Application Format

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PostSubject: Application Format   Application Format Icon_minitimeMon Dec 22, 2008 3:33 pm

Before starting to type your long and horrible application remember in mind that were not just a clan that you want to join, we are just considered to be there just a clan that stands out. We aren't just some ordinary noob clan. We just want to go out there, find some new things in Tremulous and when we want to, just kick ass.

Here are the steps to your Application.

Your Age:
How Long You Played Tremulous:
Your Current Tremulous Name:
Your Past Used Aliases:
Your Best Class and or Weapon:
Your Worst Class and or Weapon:
The Servers You Usually Play On:
Do you have Teamspeak and a Microphone?:

Nachos or Pizza?
Favorite NFL Team?
Tremulous or Urban Terror?

We also require Teamspeak so if we invite you onto our Teamspeak are you sure you are going to join in. Plus we use Teamspeak for communication purposes so if we scrim or if we do something that needs Teamspeak please be sure to get on when we ask.
Also keep in mind that we may sub you into our scrims if you are one of our applicants, so just BEWARE and be ready to scrim. Smile

Thank You For Your Application and Good Luck.
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Application Format
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